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Welcome to Flying Crocodile, Inc. Advertising!

We offer several programs to help you bring in traffic to your site(s). All advertising purchases are done on a prepaid basis. We aim to deliver the traffic purchased within 30 days of the campaign starting. We represent the following sites;,,,,,, as well as various other sites and pages.

CPC - Cost per click advertising - Simply tell us how many clicks you want, and we'll get them there. Choose your traffic by category (Hetero, Gay, Hardcore, Softcore, etc.). We will serve your banners right onto the appropriate pages. Update the banners as often as you want by simply sending us the new ones. Rates will vary based on categories and availibility is on a first come, first serve basis.

CPM - Cost per thousand impressions - Need lots of views but not a lot of clicks? Just like the CPC option, we will serve your banners right on to our pages, and get the right traffic to your site(s). We can get your message to surfers. Rates will vary based on categories and availibility is on a first come, first serve basis.

CPA - Cost per Action advertising - Why waste bandwidth? Buy joins! Our amazing MoneyTree program will get your site joins without flooding it with tons of traffic. A mirror image of your tour is hosted on our servers. Our traffic is screened through it, and when someone likes your site and joins, Voila! They jump over to your servers and they're yours. Your processor will report the join to us automatically. The best part? You get to keep 100% of the recurring billing. The Catch? You need to be processing with a MoneyTree compatible processor. But that's actually good news. We recommend Ibill! This processor has not missed a payment in four years. What more could you ask for? For more info on MoneyTree, check out

Webmasters advertising - Don't want surfers you say? You want to get all those small webmasters out there, and get them to buy your content, or join you Rev-Share program. How about a newsletter that goes out to over 36,000 webmasters all throughout the world? Or you can place your banner right next to where countless webmasters check their counter stats everyday. For a flat fee, your program gets advertised directly to the webmasters!

Just fill out the form below, and hit submit. Our advertising staff will get back to you within three to four days!

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