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SiteWatcher is a revolutionary service from SexTracker that keeps your surfers informed of updates and changes to your website! Simply add our SiteWatcher code onto your website and surfers can opt-in to an email list that automatically mails them when you have made a change to your site. This encourages them to visit again and again! It's a great way to increase retention and keep your surfers engaged in all the new and exciting things you add to your site!

SiteWatcher collects your surfers' email addresses from your website. We automatically check your site daily for any changes and if we find that something is different we send an email out to all of your SiteWatcher subscribers once a week informing them that you have updated your site and encourage them to revisit via a direct link to your site from the email. It is totally automatic and 100% Free!

Simply enter the counter ID of the site you would like us to watch in the box below (usually the counter on your mainpage) and click the "Get SiteWatcher Code" button. Once inside, select the type of sitewatcher banner you wish to use, we have text versions, and graphic versions that cover a wide range of niches. Once you have selected what you want, simply copy and paste the code onto your page. It's that easy!

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