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Welcome to SexTracker Account Manager!
Use the tools below to configure your account to achieve the best return. If you should have any questions please contact us at
Admin Tools

New SexTracker Account
Sign up for a new SexTracker counter account.
   Master Account Utility
Keep track of ALL your counter accounts through this simple interface.

Check Stats
Log in to get accurate information about your site's traffic.
   Edit Account
Log in to update or edit your original account information.

Get Counter Code
Log in to get your counter code.

Get Visitor Code
Get visitor stats code for your account.

Password Request
Lose your password? Get it here!
Help and Resources
Have a question? Try the FAQ first.
   SexTracker Rules
What is and isn't allowed on SexTracker.
Checked the FAQ and still need help? Email us at
Links to everything you need to run a successful adult site.

Advertise on SexTracker
We've got tons of traffic! Want some? Get more info here.
SexTracker Programs
You've got the traffic, make money off of it! MoneyTree offers five programs to increase your revenue.
   Preview Pages
Set up a preview page on SexTracker using images from your site.
SexTracker Exchange
The world's largest banner exchange. Increase your traffic now!
Retain visitors to your site with our automated email notification system.
SexTracker Executive
Check real-time stats from your desktop with this Windows program.
   SexTracker ChatNet
Add free chat to your website to attract and keep more visitors.


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