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Q: What services does SexTracker offer webmasters?
A: SexTracker is primarily a hit counter, but signing up for a counter makes you eligible to participate in all of our programs. When you join SexTracker you get detailed accurate statistics about your traffic, referrers, and visitors. As well, you get listed on our site and in our search engine, and you can opt to use the Banner Exchange program and promote your site through our Preview pages. You can also download our desktop client to view our stats with, or get paid by our sponsor program, MoneyTree!

Q: How can I join SexTracker?
A: To sign up for a counter, all you have to do is click here. Fill out our form, then put the code on your site, and you're all set! If you need any help along the way, feel free to write back to with any questions.

Q: How do I manage my account?
A: You can manage every aspect of your account from the control panel. Bookmark this page, and use it as a tool for tracking, promoting, and improving your site.

Q: How do I get my password again?
A: To request your password, please log into our password retrieval system - click here. You will need your counter number to do this. If you don't have your counter number, please see the next question.

Q: How can I find out my counter number?
A: If you need to get your counter number, there are a few places you can find it yourself. If you still have the welcome email we sent you, it will be there. If you have put the code on your page, it will be the six-digit number you see in the bottom bar of your browser when you mouse over your SexTracker counter.

If you can't find the number, we would be happy to find it for you! However, we will need some information to locate it. Let us know the email address you used to sign up, your site URL, or site name, and we will to be able to get it for you right away. Email us with this information at

Q: How do I change/update my URL/email/description?
A: To edit any of the information you've submitted to us on the signup form, just click here and log in. If you have changed anything that might affect your counter code (counter size/category), make sure you update the HTML on your site.

Q: How do I delete a SexTracker account?
A: If you have an account you would like to have removed, please let us know. You will need to send us your counter ID and password. If you are missing either of these details, let us know.

Q: How do I count more than one page using SexTracker?
A: There are two ways to count multiple pages with SexTracker. Keep in mind that if you have different domain names, you will need a new counter for each domain.

1) Sign up for each counter separately. This way you get a separate stats page for each page you put a new counter on. The only drawback to this is that you have to fill out the form multiple times, and check multiple stats pages (this is easy now, with the Master Account Utility!).

2) Sign up for a full site counter. If you have two or more pages you want to count on one domain, you can check the box on the form to have a full site counter. This will be one counter - put its HTML code on each page you want counted. This gives you one combined stats page for ALL the pages that have the full site counter on them, instead of separate stats for each one.

We usually recommend that if you want a full site counter, you get a single page counter for your main page, and a full site counter for all of the rest of the pages. This is so you can have an accurate idea of how many visitors are coming into your site.

Q: How can I get a counter without nudity on it?
A: You can edit your counter information and place yourself in the Softcore category. We will serve a Softcore graphic that contains no nudity for you. For the new counter image change to take effect, you must replace the counter code on your site with the new code given to you after the edit. This will not affect your stats in any way, only the graphic your surfers (and you) will see.


Q: Where do I get my counter code?
A: To retrieve your counter code, just click here and enter your account number.

Q: Where do I get my visitor code?
A: To retrieve your visitor code, just click here and enter your account number.

Q: How do I paste the code into my site?
A: To add our counter to your site, you'll need to copy the code we give you and paste it into your HTML. To do this, you'll need to use a simple text editor, such as Notepad (HTML editors may alter the code, causing it not to function). All you have to do is open up your HTML file in your text editor and paste the HTML we've given you in there where you want it (it has to be somewhere between the <body> tag and the </body> tag).

NOTE: Do NOT change or alter the code in any way. By changing the code, your stats will no longer be accurate and your account may be deleted by SexTracker. Each part of the code is required for your counter to function correctly.

Q: How do I paste the visitor code into my site?
A: Add the visitor code to your site in the same way that you'd add any code - just be careful! With the visitor code, any changes to it will cause it not to work. For example, in JavaScript, everything has to be on the correct line. If you break a line in two, or add any returns where they weren't originally, the code won't work.


Q: How do I check my stats?
A: To check your stats, go to and enter in your account number (and password, if your stats are password protected). If you'd like to view your stats from your desktop rather than logging into the website, download the Executive client.

Q: What do the terms in stats mean (uniques, etc.)?
A: To get the most out of your SexTracker stats, find out how they work! Please see our detailed help page - click here.

Q: What do the terms in visitor stats mean?
A: To get the most out of your SexTracker visitor stats, find out how they work! Please see our detailed help page - click here.

Q: How does the Excel download work?
A: On the Graphs tab, simply select the date range you're interested in, then click "download Excel file" to get a file with Impressions, Uniques, Reloads, Hourly Reloads, and Daily Reloads for the range selected. You can use these Excel files to easily see the numbers for each point in your range, save your data, or create your own reports.

On the visitors tab, select the type of information you're interested in (referrers, domains, search engines, etc.), then click "download Excel file."

Q: My counter isn't working - what could be wrong?
A: Here are some things to check when your stats are showing all zeroes:

  • Is the counter code correct? Please compare the counter code on your page with the code you were given and make sure they are exactly the same.
  • Is the counter code on the correct page? If you have a single page counter, you must make sure that you can see the counter by visiting the URL you entered into "URL of page to count" on the sign up form. If you use frames, this URL has to be the URL of the frame that has the counter, not the main frameset page.
  • Have you entered in the correct URL of page to count on your form? If your site uses a redirect or a frame (for example, if you've set up a domain name with a free host using these methods, or if you have a template site that uses a short URL to point to the longer URL of your page), you have to make sure you enter in the actual URL the counter is on, not the domain name that points to it. If you've double-checked that the code is correct and is on the right page, but still don't see stats, let us know.

Q: How do I enable visitor stats?
A: If you have set up an account and would now like to add visitor stats to it, just edit your account information here and make sure you check the box at the bottom of the form for visitor stats. When you submit the form, you'll get your visitor code.

Q: Why aren't my visitor stats working?
A: Does the visitor code on your page match exactly with the code given? Visitor code should be on the same page as the counter code, and needs to be identical to the code we give you. If you've double-checked that the code is correct and is on the right page, but still don't see stats, let us know.

Q: Why don't my visitor stats match my counter stats?
A: First, make sure you are using visitor code and counter code for the same counter account. Check to see that there is only one copy of each code (visitor and counter) on each page. If you've double-checked that the code is correct and is on the right page, but still don't get correct stats, let us know.

Q: My top referrer is my own site - why is this?
A: If you have a full site counter, you will see yourself listed as a referrer, just because of traffic moving back and forth on your site.

If you have a single page counter and you put your counter on a page other than your enter page, you will see your own site as a referrer. For example, if "index.html" is your main page with the enter link, and the enter link goes to "main.html," a counter on main.html will show your site as a referrer because your visitors are on your enter page before they hit the page with your counter.

On the other hand, if your site has a lot of bookmarked visitors, they may be bypassing your warning page altogether and going straight to your main page. If you only have the counter on your enter page, the counter will be missing a lot of traffic. In general, you'll want to put your counter on the page of your site that people link to. If you need any help deciding where to put a single page counter on your page, let us know.


Q: What is the MAU?
A: SexTracker's Master Account Utility was created to serve webmasters with multiple sites and multiple programs. Previously, every time you added a new counter, you were dealing with a new account number, and another login and password. But no longer! With the Master Account Utility, you can manage it all in one place with a single login and password. Look up all your SexTracker product stats faster and more easily than ever with this unique tool. Sign up here!

Q: How do I get my password again?
A: To retrieve your password, click here.

Q: How do I add accounts to my MAU?
A: Your MAU can help you keep track of your existing SexTracker, MoneyTree, SexList, XXX Counter and Outster accounts. Once you have signed up for a new counter account, you may add it to your MAU. Simply log in here and follow the directions. Please note that you can't sign up for new counter accounts using the MAU, but once you have a new account, you can use the MAU to keep track of it.

Q: How do I verify my MAU account?
A: When you sign up for your MAU account, you will receive an email to the address you supplied on the sign up form. To enable your MAU account, just click the link in the email. If you have any problems with this link, try copying and pasting the link and making sure that every part of it goes in the location box on your browser - sometimes the end of the link gets cut off when the line wraps around and you will have to copy and paste this part as well.

If you cannot get this link to work, we have no way to manually activate your account, UNLESS you send us the original message you received with the link intact. Before writing us, please try logging into your new account here - sometimes you will click the link twice without knowing it and get an error because your account has already been set up.


Q: Where will I be listed on SexTracker?
A: When you sign up for a SexTracker account, you are listed in on the Universe ranks page and the ranks page for the category you chose. You will also be listed in our search engine using your site name, URL, and description entered into our form.

If you choose to pick five categories that describe your site, you will be listed under those categories on

Q: How do I find my listing?
A: To find your site's listing on the ranks pages, log into your stats page. The main page of your stats will show your ranking both in the Universe ranks and in the category you chose. You can click the link in your stats to go directly to the page you're linked on.

Q: What is the difference between Site Ranks and Page Ranks?
A: If you signed up for a single page counter, you will be listed in the Page Ranks. If you signed up for a full site counter, you will be listed in the Site Ranks. The reason they are separated like this is so that sites will be compared to sites and pages to pages.

Q: Why isn't my site listed in the ranks?
A: If you just signed up for the counter, please give it some time. The ranks pages only update once an hour.

If you are having trouble getting your counter to work correctly, or if your stats page is showing no unique hits for the day, you will not be listed on our page. We only list active counters, because we want our visitors to be able to access all links on our site. For help getting your counter set up, please write to

Q: What do the numbers next to my listing in the ranks mean?
A: The top number is how many uniques we've counted for your site or page in the last 24 hours. This is the number we use to compare your site to other sites in your category. The larger number below it is the amount of impressions you've received in the last 24 hours. This number is just for our visitors' information, and does not affect your ranking.

Q: Why don't the numbers by my ranking match my stats?
A: The only time your stats will match the number by your ranking is at 11:59 pm This is because your stats page shows the day's hits, while the ranks page shows all hits for the last 24 hours.


Q: How does the Banner Exchange work?
A: In the most basic terms, when your page loads a hit, SexTracker gives you one credit. For every two credits you earn, your banner will be loaded onto another site sometime within the next 24 hours. For instance, if your page is visited 200 times today, your banner will be displayed 100 times on other sites the next day.

However, the system is a bit more complicated than that. We have designed a formula to determine the number of impressions your banner deserves and give you bonus credits. Things that influence your deserved impressions are:

  • Impressions you give per day.
  • Clickthrus you give per day.
  • Your membership type or counter banner size (Platinum, Gold or Silver).
The formula is:
Deserved impressions = Your impressions
x Your comparative click-through rate x banner type

Your comparative click-through rate is determined by:

Your clicks
- Total clicks
Your impressions Total impressions

This means that if you give a higher clickthru rate than other webmasters participating in this program, we will reward you with more than a simple 2:1 ratio.

As a Platinum Member (large banner), you will get an extra 2.5% banner impressions. Gold Members receive an extra 1%, while Silver members receive the standard 2:1.

Q: How do I set the Banner Exchange up on my site?
A: To participate in the Banner Exchange, all you have to do is add one of your banners to the program and put the STX code on your site. You can add your banner and get the code by logging into your account at Please note that this code DOES NOT replace your SexTracker counter code - you will need both codes on your page to get your SexTracker stats and to use the Banner Exchange.

When adding your banner, it is best to select one that is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. This is because we either shrink or stretch your banner to that size to keep the banners uniform. Your banner will look best if it is 468 x 60 to begin with.

It is in your best interests to put the STX HTML code on a highly trafficked page. You can put as many copies of the code on as many pages as you'd like.

NOTE: Although you can place more than one code on your site, you cannot put the same HTML on the same page more than once. To be sure your code is correct, please generate your banner code by selecting the amount of banners you'd like to have from the pulldown on the HTML generation page.

Q: I get an error when I try to submit my banner.
A: There are a few reasons why you might get an error when submitting a banner. The first step to diagnose the problem is to follow the link you've submitted yourself. The link you give us must end in either .gif or .jpg. If you follow your own link and get redirected to another site, so will our program. Submitted banners must not have hotlinking protection on them, or be linked within a password-protected area of your site, or we will not be able to upload them to our servers. If your link goes to an HTML page with a banner on it, we will not be able to upload the banner.

Be sure that the Banner URL ends in .jpg or .gif and the Site URL directs to a valid web page. You can check both of these by clicking the "view" link next to the URL fields on the Account Edit form.

Q: Why aren't I getting hits in the Exchange?
A: It takes a while to start receiving banner impressions back. First you have to send impressions, then our program has to calculate how many you deserve back. If you have just signed up for the Exchange, give it 24 hours to start showing stats.

Q: My received impressions don't seem to be correct
A: You are allotted a certain number of hits to your banner per day, related to how many hits you send out. First, our program tracks how many hits you've sent. Then it starts sending hits back to you. Because of the way it does this, the numerical stats may not look accurate at all times of the day. You have to look at the graphs to see how it works.

Next time you check your banner exchange stats, look at a weekly graph and you'll see the amount of hits sent right after our program calculated how many you were owed, then less hits for a while (as you sent hits again), then more. It all averages out.


Q: What is a Preview page?
A: The Preview pages show our surfers a sample of your pictures, then lead them to your site from our page. We host the preview images on our servers, so it doesn't take any of your bandwidth!

Q: How do I set up a Preview page?
A: To set up your Preview page, all you have to do is choose a few images you would like to use to showcase your site with and then click here. Enter your counter number and password and click on "Preview Configuration." Follow the simple instructions from there.

Q: Why do I get an error when I try to submit my images?
A: When submitting images for the Preview pages, you have to make sure that your images are at least 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. In addition, Preview images have to have either a .jpg or .gif extension. Do not submit an HTML page with the image on it; submit the link directly to the image (example:

If you continue to have trouble submitting your images, let us know. Please be sure to send us your counter number and the link that you are trying to submit.


Q: What are the requirements to use the Executive?
A: The SexTracker Executive will work on Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP systems. You must have 1.5 Mb of hard drive space and Internet Explorer 5.5+.

Q: Where can I get the Executive?
A: You can download the Executive from Note: If you're running an old version of the Executive, make sure you close it completely before trying to upgrade to the new version.

Q: Where can I get detailed help?
A: For detailed help when using the Executive, please click here.

Q: How do I uninstall the Executive?
A: The SexTracker Executive program will uninstall directly from the Add/Remove Programs dialog in your control panel. If you have any trouble uninstalling, please let us know. Note: Do not try to remove a program while you have it open or executed. Close out of the program before trying to remove it.


Q: How can I advertise on SexTracker or related sites?
A: To learn more about advertising with our company, and to contact our advertising department, please click here.

Q: How do I report someone breaking SexTracker's rules?
A: While we do everything we can to prevent cheaters and illegal sites from joining SexTracker, sometimes things slip past us. If you find a site on SexTracker that you think we wouldn't approve of, please let us know! Email us at and let us know as much information as you can (the site's URL is usually good enough, but its location on our site helps).

Q: Something on SexTracker is working incorrectly.
A: To report bugs or problems with our site, please email


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