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SexTracker Rules
Below is a list of rules and regulations for usingthe SexTracker Counter. Please read them carefully and abide by them. If you should have any questions please contact us at

Illegal content

SexTracker will not tolerate or permit the use of our services to promote your site if it contains any illegal content. SexTracker accounts containing any illegal content (actual or perceived at the sole discretion of SexTracker) will be closed and added to our permanent blacklist. Illegal content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Images of persons under the age of 18, or text/keywords/advertisements implying underage or illegal content.
  • Non-consensual sex in any context other than a clearly labeled fantasy setting.
  • Bestiality.
  • Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.
SexTracker reserves the right to terminate or restrict services to individuals, without notice, using our counters, images, or banners in connection with any illegal content in accordance with established applicable laws and regulations.

Unsolicited email

If we receive a valid complaint that your site has been spamming newsgroups or email addresses, we will terminate your SexTracker account without notice.

Cheating the counter

Do not attempt to cheat the counter in any way. SexTracker systems are highly sophisticated, including the one we have to seek out cheaters. Webmasters who attempt to manipulate our service will be barred to receive SexTracker services in the future.

HTML code

The HTML code we supply for your page is not to be modified in any way. SexTracker will warn you if your code is not installed correctly, and if you fail to correct the error your account will be closed.

Common mistakes:

  • Removing the "comments" code. This is absolutely necessary; do not remove this part of the code.
  • Changing the height and width of the counter in any way. Failure to replace the proper code after being warned will result in loss of service.
  • Placing multiple copies of the code on the same page to inflate your hits. We only count your hits once.
  • Attempting to increase your hits by making a robot to pose as a real user. We track the IP of each hit. If your site receives more than 100 hits from the same IP in one day, we are notified and your site will be watched. If we confirm that your hits are being falsely generated your service will be terminated.
  • Placing the HTML on multiple pages if you have a single page counter. We actually check hits to make sure they come from the right page. We do not count hits from pages other than the one you listed in the signup form. If you have a full site counter, you should place a counter on every page you wish to have counted. Ranks for full site counters are determined separately from single-page counters.
Cheaters are banned from SexTracker and are added to our blacklist. We monitor our system carefully and do not tolerate dishonesty. We provide a valuable service, free of charge. Cheating SexTracker is of no benefit to you and will only hinder your success. Be an honest webmaster.

Correct reporting of your site content and features

The features you report on the signup form must be accurate. Summaries of sites suspected to have false content or claims are investigated. After confirmation, you will receive a warning to update your information immediately. If your information is not updated within the specified amount of time, your SexTracker account will be closed.

For more detailed information on SexTracker's rules and policies, please see our AUP .


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