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New SexTracker Counter Sign Up Form
Welcome to SexTracker! Fill out the form below to create a new counter account.

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    Site Information - used for counting and listing purposes.
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    Linking Information - additional linking options.
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    Your site will be placed in a Yahoo!-style database under the categories you choose.
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    Your site will be placed in our all-adult search engine.
    ? Categories that describe your site:
    Use the "Ctrl" key to select up to five (5) categories to display for "Links" and "Search."

    SexTracker Programs - additional free programs.
    ? Visitor Statistics
    Learn more about your site's visitors.
    ? Banner Exchange Program
    Promote your site on other sites for free.
    ? Preview Pages Program
    Promote your site using our bandwidth.
    ? Addition of a XXX Counter
    Add a second counter for comparison.
    ? Addition of an Outster Counter
    Gay sites - add a second counter.

    Service Options - configure the details of your account.
    ? Private Statistics
    Password-protect your stats page.
    ? Private Referrers
    Password-protect your referrers.
    ? Private Visitors
    Password-protect your visitors.
    ? Add Site to Mailing List
    Receive information regarding your account.
    ? Weekly Statistics by Email
    Get your stats in your email every week.

    Thank you!

    Please be patient - it may take a full minute to do an analysis of your site and populate our programs with your information.

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